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A Glance Backward - Author: Pierre Paquet - Artist: Tony Sandoval


From the artist of "Doomboy", "Le Cadavre et le Sofa", "Les Betises de Xinophixerox," and "Le Serpent d'Eau." Tony received a 2015 Eisner Award nomination for Doomboy in the category "Best Graphic Novel for Teens".
A fantastical trip through a strange landscape that explores the changing perspective of a young boy facing adulthood. As surreal as Alice in Wonderland, with a powerful truth underneath it all. This beautifully illustrated, watercolored tale will make readers long for the simplicity of youth while embracing the wonderful complexities of adulthood: RESPONSIBILITY, LOVE, CONSEQUENCE, and ultimately the shocking, inevitable realities of LIFE and DEATH.
Written by Pierre Paquet, this honest portrayal of a moment from his own life will take readers to a land of contemplation and adventure.

Hardcover, 11.25"x8.25", 92pages, 1st edition signed by the artist, some page rippling.