Art by Eric Canete

£15.00 - £18.00
  • Art by Eric Canete
  • Art by Eric Canete
  • Art by Eric Canete

Eric Canete is an illustrator and designer working in the animation and comic book industries. These books contains his fresh, unique take on an assortment of superheroes as well as lots of original characters and non-character illustrations.
Some of his past projects include Aeon Flux, Men In Black, Justice League Unlimited, Legion of Superheroes, Ben 10: Alien Force and (in comic books) Iron Man: Enter The Mandarin, The End League.

Chocolate: 58 Pages Softcover 9"x6" Signed by the artist.
Jump Dossier with Jonathon Tsuei & Valerie Nunez: Signed, Paperback, 40 Pages, 8.5"x5.5" LE 300
Dédicace 42 Pages, Comic Bound 8.5x5.5
Photo: Signed, 96 Pages, Paperback, 8.5"x8.5"
Cover 2015: 8.5"x8.5", 72 pages